Too Busy for Blogging?

Well, so much for bi-weekly, weekly or even monthly posts. Was my last post really written in April?

A compliment from a successful freelancer has sparked me to write again. That, and an article in the NY Times. Because I'm a stubborn SOB, and the surest way to get me to do something is to claim I don't do it. Or, in this case, I'm posting to prove something wrong. (Even though, sadly, evidence claims they are right).

Wow. I need another cup of coffee this morning.

So, writer and college professor Bob Schaller called this article in the NY Times to my attention this morning. I'm not going to say the Times is dead wrong. One needs only to look at the date stamps on my posts to see that, yes, I'm one of those "mom bloggers" who has let life get in the way of blogging.

But please... "homework and swim practice... housework and parenting?" A spot of condescension with your morning coffee, WAHMs?

Judy Nichols, quoted in the article, is described as a stay-at-home-mom and mystery writer. Wouldn't that combination make her a work-at-home mom? When the English language seems to adopt new terminology more often than Lindsay Lohan gets into car accidents, why has this word not reached our mainstream lexicon yet?

And is there a slim possibility Judy Nichols stopped blogging to work on endeavors (like her novels?) that actually make money? Granted, I know some very successful mom bloggers who earn a living wage every month from blogging. But very few do that with their personal blogs. There are ways, between ad sense and affiliate programs. In fact, an ambitious mom blogger can create a whole blog network, which then becomes a business, with employees, advertisers and the whole nine yards.

But that's very, very different from blogs like Judy's "Rantings of a Crazed Soccer Mom."

Or this one.

Am I letting the New York Times guilt me into blogging again? Perhaps.

Hey, whatever works, right?