When Stories Touch Us


I read and copyedited a very disturbing article this morning before I even had my morning coffee. It drove home the real reason I write for a living.

I often joke that I’ll write “anything that pays,” and to some degree, that’s true. In the past few months,, I’ve written about cosmetic dentistry, digital signage, make-up and diaper bags. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these topics but, with the possible exception of diaper bags, , none of these topics exactly touches mylife or my passion. (Makeup used to fall into that category. Ah, how life changes!)

On the other end of that spectrum, I’ve interviewed the band director at Columbine High School, cancer survivors, and people whose lives have been changed in ways big and small by the charity efforts of others.

This morning, I copyedited an article about a little girl in India named whose father burned her mother to death. Sushmita suffered third degree burns on her body, and emotional scars—as you might imagine—that last to this day.

As a new mother, the very thought of this turned my stomach. An organization called the Asian Christian Academy, however, took Sushmita into their House of Joy for children, where she has begun the healing process.

When the ACA brochure comes out, which I contributed writing to and also copyedited, I hope and pray it will move people as that story moved me, to give ACA the funding it needs to continue to do God’s work and spread His Word. I’m honored that Dr. David Fletcher invited me to be a small part of ACA and its mission. I am grateful that God chose to connect me with Dr. Fletcher so that I could use my talents in this way.

Why do I write? I write for a living.

But why do I write? I write because I want to share stories that can change small pieces of the world.

Writers: What stories have touched you lately? Please tell us here.