Win Prizes!

A happy result of social networking is the opportunity to WIN FREE STUFF. Really. Did you know that there are tons of prizes to be had out on the World Wide Web, given away by bloggers like me? (Wow, could that sound any more like bad sales copy??)

A friend of mine won a $15 gift certificate to a grocery store during a networking chat the other night. Another friend won a lovely gift set of lotions and soaps at the Tuesday night Business & Learning Chat. (They don’t give away prizes every week, though. That was in honor of Tammy Munson’s birthday). They’ll be giving away even more at the Business & Learning Expo.

There are a few great contests going on right now, too.

Until February 11, you can win a free copy of Deb Ng’s ebook, Beyond Blogging, through the blog Lively Women. (Don’t let the blog’s title deceive you, men can win too.) Deb Ng is one of my favorite people in the freelance writing/blogging world and I’m sure that whatever she has to say has LOTS of value. She knows blogging; she knows how to network; and she is a pro at making money on the Web. She is also an extremely talented writer, which, lately, has gotten to be less and less of a prerequisite to make money as a writer on the Web, so I have the utmost respect for her and what she does.

Another one of my favorite writer chicks (and I can call her a chick because she’s cool like that!), Julie Fletcher, is also holding a contest at her blog, Family Resource. Go to the site, leave a comment per the instructions, and you’ll be entered to win a free car seat ID for your child. This contest is sponsored by My Precious Kid and even if they weren’t giving away cool shwag, it’s a great place to check out if you have kids.

Finally, Babies Online, your resource for parenting, pregnancy and free baby stuff, is giving away free copies of the DVD Screenplay by the children’s rock band Milkshake, along with the band’s latest CD, Play!, and the first-ever Milkshake comic book. Go to to find out how to win and read my review of the band. (Yes, I always save the shameless plugs for last).