Inspiration, E-Marketing and Powerful Women

It has been such an inspirational day! I love when interviews with great people leave me feeling refreshed, renewed, and just a little bit smarter.

I just had the opportunity to interview Casey Conrad from Communications Consultants, Inc. and Take It Off. The article won't come out until January, so I don't want to reveal where it will appear until I ask the editor for permission to do so.

Casey just sold out print copies of her latest book, Selling Personal Training but the eBook is still available (of course). This is appropriate as Casey's most recent focus is e-marketing for health club owners and operators.

It was very hard for me to stay on track during our interview and ask only the questions that needed to be answered for a 700-word article. I could have spoken to her forever about the various tenets of e-marketing, and she even introduced me to a site I had heard of, but hadn't thought about very much. ( -- check it out.)

The health club industry is a bit behind other fields (say, the work-at-home industry, which is very on top of the trend) when it comes to e-marketing and social networking, but it was interesting to hear how something as global as the Web can be used for successful local marketing.

Yes, I'm being intentionally vague. I need to transcribe our hour-long conversation and then decide what doesn't make the cut for the article. Stay tuned for some e-marketing tips that can be applied to help you target leads and close sales, whether your customer base is your community or the world.

Hmm... I had wanted to discuss a few other powerful (I won't use that other word!) women I know, as well... but this is probably long enough for one night. You ladies know who you are and why I love you... but here are the links so readers can get a hint of what I experience every day by having each one of you in my life. ;)