Support Simon: A Poem, a Story, and Inspiration

Just about a month or two after I found out I was pregnant, I learned that a close friend/fellow writer (part of our JHS group on AbsoluteWrite) was expecting, too. As we entered our second trimesters together, we compared cravings, kicks, and our respective sizes. (Although I wasn't brave enough to share belly shots). How exciting, that even though she lives across the country, we would be raising our little ones "together."

Mysti, due in November, gave birth to Simon Gabriel on July 28, 2008. At 24 weeks gestation, he weighed only 1 lb. 7 ounces. This small miracle, as many are now calling him, is currently hanging in there in the Denver NICU, gaining weight and growing, but every day is a struggle.

Many freelance writers across the Web are sharing Simon's story, in hopes of helping Mysti raise money to temporarily relocate her family (including 4-year-old Jaden) to Denver so they can all be closer to Simon. They currently live two hours away in Wyoming.

I wrote this poem shortly before Mysti gave birth to Simon, in early July. At this point, we knew Simon would be early, and we knew Mysti was having a very rough pregnancy, but we had no idea just how early he would be. We had entertained the notion of giving birth on the same day, even! Although I don't normally share my poetry--and this is the first poem I've written in a very long time--I felt it was appropriate to post it here.

I also ask everyone to please check out a toy car that is currently up for auction as a fundraiser, and to visit Mysti's blog to hear the entire story of Simon in Mysti's eloquent words. She is also accepting donations here, at her spirituality forum, The Echo of One.


A beautiful woman
And at this moment
Our lives parallel--
Who would have imagined?
Me in this spot, reaching out to you

Friendship parallels inspiration, birth, creation.
So much more experience--
But so much more pain, too.

Miles apart
We connect across cable lines
And I wonder how you’ve survived
You give me perspective
But also knowledge, friendship, laughs
And focus.

Trepidation tempered by hope
Shared prayers for positive outcomes
I stifle the desire to offer sympathy
Or censor my own joy
Friendship, normalcy and diversion
Mean more now; treasured now.

We share trivial moments, talks of food,
Baby kicks and I wonder
Parallel delivery rooms?
Who would have imagined?
Me in this spot, reaching out to you.

Friendship parallels inspiration, birth, creation
Relishing the experience--
But wishing I could heal your pain.