Why Blog?

In my last blog post, way back in February, I promised a blog every few days for the month of March. How about... None? The truth is, once my energy started to come back, I had fallen so far behind on my paying freelance work, I had no time for blogging and other "fun" writing pursuits. Clients have to come first.

Which brings me to an important question. If it's the first task to get dropped when life gets busy, why blog at all?

I know why many other people blog: to promote their name or their company, to make money through Adsense or another earn-per-click program, or simply to feed their ego and have people read their work. Still other bloggers blog "for themselves," to share their thoughts and feelings with the world in a way that is free of an editor's intervention, advertiser interests or pesky publication guidelines.

But why do I blog? I haven't yet gotten to the point where any of my blogs are doing a great job promoting my brand, so it's not for self-promotion. Yes, I find blogging fun, but no more or less fun than writing a feature story for a paintball magazine.

I'm going to be brutally honest. I blog for attention. I thrive on comments and feedback. I'm not an "attention-whore" in real life, and, in fact, shy away from being the center of. But when someone makes a comment, or links back to my blog with the comment "great post," that small thing makes my day. That's why I blog.

Now, where do I blog?

I just launched a new one as a tie-in to RECON, the Magazine of Woods Paintball. Check out RECON, the Blog. I also have guest bloggers, some big names in the industry, helping out there sporadically.

And, as referenced recently in the comments section here, I blog at Miss Michele's Tarot, where I offer a variety of free and reasonably-priced tarot readings for my visitors.

I also blog, as I mentioned earlier, at Babies Online. I love the unique perspectives offered at this site from a variety of moms and pregnant women. I don't always agree with the posts, but I always find them thought-provoking and informative. Check it out.

Oh, and please leave a comment so I know you were there!