Writing and Researching for Life

I write in so many diverse industries, most articles give me a chance to learn something new--but not anything I can apply to my life.

It's great when I get to write about topics that I would research even if I wasn't being paid to do so! That's why I feel truly blessed to have landed a spot as a blogger over at Babies Online. I will be writing a pregnancy diary, filled with tips and advice for expecting moms.

I've also been a guest blogger at Family Resource, thanks to the lovely and talented Julie Fletcher.

In addition to all this research about pregnancy, I also did a bit of research for after the baby is born. You'll see my article, "Baby On Board: How to run an at-home business with an infant in tow" in the latest issue of TheWAHMmagazine, coming out March 5.

Between new blogging gigs, trade magazine assignments, and ongoing work for RECON, I've sorely neglected this blog.

I'm going to get on a twice a week schedule of some sort for March. It is one of my JHS goals!