A Writer's Resume, Helpful Links

Writing blogs seem to be active in the new year. Many writers are posting goals, tips and helpful links; the community seems to be revived and refreshed with the start of the New Year.

This morning has been productive for me with a lot of invoices and bookkeeping finished, and, after a bit of blogging, I'll be moving on to paid assignments for January.

I want to share a fantastic post from Jenn Hollowell, Working Writer. Inspired by a thread on AbsoluteWrite, Jenn posted some helpful links for writers interested in creating or revamping their resumes. See her post about Writer's Resumes here.

I recently revamped my resume, but may look at it again after reading the advice on these links. Jenn brought up an interesting point. She started getting more assignments after she began including a resume with her cover letter and samples.

What's your experience on this? Do you use a resume? Has it helped?