Two Things You Need to Know to Be a Successful Writer

I'm a big fan of the BIC school of writing. Butt-in-chair, that is.

It seems the more I write, the more opportunities arise.

That's tip number one: show up everyday... or at least, on whatever schedule you set for yourself that works for you. I try to take at least one day a week off, sometimes, two, although those days may not coincide with the weekend.

Today, I showed up at my kitchen table and completed three phone interviews, solidified four writing assignments, accepted a fifth assignment, got the wheels in motion on two regular Web jobs, and... [squeal] was invited to be a guest blogger on Family Resource. Look for me there beginning in February, where I will be blogging on pregnancy, finance, and possibly lifestyle tips.

The funny thing is that this invitation came to me just as I was beginning to feel guilty about "slacking off," chatting with a fellow AW writer in between phone interviews, when I could have been transcribing or writing.

But writing, like so many occupations, is a people game. Would I have gotten the invitation through e-mail if I wasn't online at that moment? Probably.

But I know for certain that I wouldn't have gotten the invitation if I haven't been posting about my (diverse!) niche markets on AW lately, offering advice to new writers, and showing that I have a talent to convey ideas in a concise and entertaining way. Mentioning that I wanted to start pursuing pregnancy/family topics in my writing through the course of conversation didn't hurt, either, I'm sure.

Fate is funny that way. It rewards hard work, persistence, and communication. In short, fate favors those who "show up."