Tarot Themes

Yes, I read tarot. Daily, in fact, over at Miss Michele's Free Tarot Readings. I draw a daily tarot card which reflects (much like a horoscope) the theme for the day and offers insight into the day's events.

Today, I drew the Three of Pentacles which is, simply put, the card of work and learning.

What have I learned today?

I've learned that Verizon still charges $50 to get a new phone, even if you have insurance. :(

I've learned my husband is due for a free upgrade... which means I can take his old phone, and we don't have to pay $50.

I've learned, once again, that there is a point of diminishing returns after tweaking an article for three hours, and sometimes, you need to Just Hit Send. :) (Done!)

I've learned a bit more about blogs and readability thanks to fantastic critiques from friends over at Absolute Write. While my goal for this blog is just to get some more content up here -- clips and resources -- expect to see some significant changes over at Miss Michele's Free Tarot Readings. I hope to take some time this weekend to get both blogs where I feel they should be.

I plan to learn a lot more about the history of Cousins Paintball field in Plattekill this evening, as I put together a press release for the upcoming SPPL event here in New York. I'm venturing out of the house to do the interview in person, because the field owner is a close friend who TJ and I haven't seen in quite a while. I could have gotten it done a half hour ago by phone, but I'm looking forward to visiting the paintball store.

Factoring in driving time plus the interview, not to mention the hassle required to leave the house for an interview, (ie, finding something to wear that doesn't have a drawstring waist!) it will cut my "average hourly rate" in half. But I've learned that it doesn't matter. Some things are just worth doing.

In what other job (besides, possibly, sales and marketing) do you get to chat with an old friend for an hour or so--about a topic you both love--and get paid to do so?