Putting It All Out There

I'm going to put it all out there. I just added up my before-taxes freelance income for 2007.


I was a bit disappointed. It felt like more. Of course, not on those days when I'm visiting Coinstar or trying to figure out how to stretch $50 for another few days until a PayPal deposit clears, but overall, I felt like I was doing well.

On Long Island, especially, low-20s is not a lot of money. At least that explains why I always feel broke.

However, in the first one-third of the year, I was working full-time at a magazine and not really freelancing, other than an article here and there. Once I went full-time, things picked up significantly.

So my key goal for 2008? Double my income, to make $42,000.

This seems like a reasonable, attainable goal, and means I will have to bring in $3,500/month.

Using Chris' Freelance Writing Income site as a model and as inspiration, I will "keep myself honest" here by posting my freelance writing income every month.

Check back often for freelance writing tips and to see how I'm doing on this journey!