I want to talk about a certain feeling I believe all writers get. It's that knot in the pit of your stomach after you "hit send" on an article or query, before you hear back from the editor.

You second guess yourself: Did I spell my source's name right? Did I spell the editor's name right? Will she hate it? Love it? Did I forget anything? Did I include the attachment?!

The best method to get past this feeling is to start work on your next project--immediately!

And remember, you're not alone.

In fact, an entire community of writers over at AWexists to support writers getting over that fear of "just hitting send."

Hence the odd acronym, JHS. No, it's not Junior High School, or Jumping Hairy Snakes... It's that phrase that sets successful writers about from the wanna-be schlubs. It's the ability to "Just Hit Send," then put aside those feelings and get ready to JHS again...and again...and again.