Counting Down...

I'm not sure of the exact time, but (looking at the clock now) TODAY, December 5, 2008, is the day TheWAHMMagazine launches!

Although I'm only a contributor, I am as excited about this launch as I was when the first RECON bearing my name as Editor-in-Chief hit newsstands. Hmm.. maybe there is something to that... I get to celebrate a launch, with none of the headaches of getting the magazine to press. I like this freelancer stuff.

Those Editor-in-Chief headaches, this time around, belonged to the lovely and talented Erika-Marie Geiss. Of course, the readers won't know anything of the hard work that went into making TheWAHMMagazine a success. What they will view, tomorrow, when this digital magazine goes out, is a perfect, sparkling new publication--a mean, green, information-disseminating machine. :)

And it is, truly, green. The interactive format means no paper, no dead trees, but the page-flip technology means it will read just like a regular print publication.

It's not just for WAHMs (Work-at-Home-Moms) either. I thought that was going to be an obstacle to getting my foot in the door, but Erika assured me it is for Work-at-Home-Moms, Work-at-Home-Dads, telecommuters, and freelancers of every sort.
Which is a good thing because not being allowed to park in those spots labeled "For parents of toddlers only" is about as much discrimination I can handle in that regard!

But seriously, go check out the magazine at Sign up now so you can be one of the first to read the premiere issue.