Call Me "Catalyst"

A friend of mine once said he wanted his business cards to read "Catalyst" as his title.

This resonates with me. Many times, my greatest success occurs when I bring other people together, then step back and let the sparks fly. Sometimes I reap rewards myself, but often, the reward comes in watching friends achieve amazing things based on connections I expedited.

I don't want to say, "Oh, look at me!" or, "They never would have done this without me." Fate has a way of bringing people together when they can help each other. But it's nice to know I can help make the process go smoothly sometimes.

This happened to me yesterday (a few times!) and while I didn't get a lot of work done, I did accomplish significant "networking" in two different circles, in three different circumstances.

I can't reveal the details just yet (yes, yes, more secrets...) but one phone call I made yesterday might result in some very strong marketing connections for three other women. And me? I'll get to sell a few stories about it.

I'm happy with that.