Welcome to Blog #3

A few discussions on Absolute Write convinced me that I need a place to discuss writing, share links, and, most importantly, post clips until my new web site is launched.

Then a fantastic interview at the Renegade Writer made me want to blog about the writing life, but not place it in my personal blog, which has turned a bit rant-y of late.

Hence, Blog #3 was born.

Lest my title, "Anything That Pays," seem mercenary, let me explain.

The question, "What do you write?" leaves me stammering with no easy answer. I write a lot: technical articles for trade magazines, paintball stuff, articles about business and writing, poetry, short stories, blogs, press releases, product catalogs...

But I always feel like my answer won't be good enough, or what the person wants to hear. They want an easy, cool, response: "science fiction novels" or something, which I can't deliver. (I haven't done THAT quite yet!)

A few years ago, my husband came up with a clever answer that has actually resulted in connections that gave me some assignments. Faced with the question, he replied for me: "Anything that pays."

I've tried using the line at cocktail parties recently and felt awkward and arrogant. But when my husband says it, it works. It either catches people's attention and leaves them too speechless to ask me to elaborate, or it just shows them I'm not a dilettante, an unpublished novelist working on the same piece for decades. Either way, it seems to satisfy.

And with the variety of genres I'm willing and capable to write in, it satisfies me, too--both my natural curiousity and desire for challenge that keeps me pursuing various fields of expertise and the profit column in my spreadsheets.

So, what can you expect to find here, in my third blog (which joins It Had to Be Said and Miss Michele's Free Tarot Readings)?

I imagine I'll share knowledge on writing, good writer's websites, and my own victories, with the hopes of inspiring other freelancers.

I'll also post clips and new projects here. Thanks for visiting; come back soon.