From Idea to Article to Action

I had a meeting today with Todd Morena of Ultimate Fitness & Sports Performance, in the Northport Wellness Center. Todd, along with Frank Brady, created a muscular robotics machine designed to increase athletes’ range of motion and flexibility. I wrote about the machine in the November 2007 issue of Club Business International.

But I first spoke with Todd in 2006 when I talked to him about the predecessor to this technology for a feature story in DASH Magazine. When I walked into his Fitness Center today, I saw the magazine article, mounted and framed, hanging right on the wall beneath an article in Vogue.

It’s a shame I wrote the article under a pseudonym because it would have been cool to see my name hanging there. Regardless.

I received a treatment from the muscular robotics machine. Very cool. Todd demonstrated how it increased the range of motion in my shoulders. When cycling season begins again, I want to get the treatment on my legs. I can see how it could really improve my performance.

We also discussed future business possibilities. But being surrounded by all this fitness and wellness reminded me how badly out of shape I am. I’ve had free passes to Crunch fitness sitting on my desk for a month. It’s too cold (in my opinion) to bicycle, although I still see a lot of cyclists out, and the high school track team runs right through our neighborhood every morning.

Fortunately, TJ set up the weight bench in the foyer/weight room today for the first time in over a year; the weight bench has been crammed in the spare room with boxes still left unpacked since we moved, books, and who knows what else… Feng wha--?

Okay, one life goal at a time. Today, fitness. Tomorrow, clutter. Right now? Writing.

I love when my writing inspires me into action--whether it's trying something new or putting into practice something I know I should be doing, like straightening out my home office or implement a work-out regime.

What about you? What positive changes have article assignments or ideas sparked you to make?